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2024 Mid-Season Survey Results

By Marty Rubin, 01/26/24, 11:15AM PST


See SJHA Leadership's big takeaways from the Mid-Season Survey.

SJHA is working hard to understand the diverse experiences of families and players across the association. Feedback that we receive will help us modify, enrich, and/or remove aspects of the program in order to make this the most transformational hockey experience for all players. This round of surveys, we received 116 responses which is not quite enough to extrapolate the results to apply to the entire organization. However, we do see interesting trends that will help us finish the season strong and will act as good areas of comparison with the End of Season Survey. 

We want to report a few important takeaways from the data we collected:

  1. We are not reaching families through the Chip and Go Newsletter or our social media pages as much as we expected. Over 50% of respondents say they never check our social media. This means that coaches and managers are the main source of information for the program which is a major burden for those folks. 
  2. As always, infusing more skill development opportunities for players and goalies is important feedback. Almost 30% of the respondents report not being challenged mentally or physically at their practices. And 40% are neutral or disagree with that statement SJHA offers the right amount of skill development opportunities throughout the season (within team practices and outside of team events). We will be writing schedules and hiring in the off-season to prioritize even more skill development to our regular schedule in the next season. 
  3. Out of 116 respondents, over 40% say they have not had an individual meeting with their coach yet this season. One-on-one check-ins and progress meetings are super important for relationship building and player development. Coaches have been informed about this statistic and should be responding shortly. In the coming year, a mandatory player check-in process will be established. 
  4. Almost 85% of the respondents agree that SJHA leadership always communicates schedules and upcoming programmatic information clearly. This is a big jump from mid-season results last year at this time, so we are proud of our new communication protocols. 
  5. 53% of SJHA families definitely will return next season! We completely understand that the hockey options available to Seattle families are overwhelming and our core's dedication to our program is truly amazing. SJHA is poised to make this another super productive offseason. We have exciting announcements for our program in the near future that will dramatically change the number of those who might return (currently 43%) to definitely will return. Stay tuned for more information. Our hockey community is going in the right direction.


We will be sending this survey out one more time at the end of the season to intervene on immediate results and understand trends over time. Part of this process is cross-referencing the questions we ask with different demographics in the program such as girls, goalies, Mites, etc. This information will inform our program development for next season. We are truly so appreciative of the time you take to fill out these surveys honestly. See the attached document for the raw results.