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Seattle Junior Becomes Junior Metropolitans

By Marty Rubin, 03/16/23, 4:45AM PDT


For over 100 years, the Seattle Metropolitans have been synonymous with excellence in hockey.

Today, the Seattle Junior Hockey Association is linking our 50 years of youth hockey development experience with the most successful name in the game of hockey in Seattle. The new brand, according to the association's new slogan, will expand what you think hockey can do for you.

"This is an exciting time," writes Michael Murphy, President of Seattle Junior Hockey Association. "We are working hard to make our program the best hockey experience for all players in the Seattle area. The Metropolitans have exemplified success in the region for over a century and we aim to capitalize on their reputation in order to honor their place in hockey history and push the game forward with the same expectations for success as well." 

The new logo and name borrow iconic aesthetic concepts from the 1917 Stanley Cup Champions, the Seattle Metropolitans, with updated flares and a new symbol: the trident. Symbolizing the God of the Sea, Poseidon's weapon, the trident exudes strength, fortitude, and expansive power over all waters, known and unknown. The organization has plans to build on the trident to be the association-wide symbol for excellence and effort.

Paul Kim, the Metropolitans trademark owner, has been a driver in the Seattle hockey community to educate the area about the incredible impact that the Seattle Metropolitans made on the game of hockey as we know it. Learn more about Metropolitans history here

The Seattle Junior Hockey Association has been developing hockey players in the Seattle area since 1974. Seattle Junior brandishes dozens of success stories from players who were raised in the program and then moved on to play and coach Division I, Division III, and professional hockey. From T.J Oshie- Washington Capitals, John Snowden- Toronto Marlies Assistant Coach, Brooke Whitney- 2002 Patty Kazmaier Award Winner, and Kelly Stephens- USA Women's Olympian to Garrett Van Wyhe- University of Michigan, John Decaro- University of Alaska Anchorage, Brandon Schmidt- Quinnipiac University, and most recently Kaden Shahan- University of Connecticut to name a few, SJHA has and will continue to provide pathways for all youth hockey players to reach the next level. 

On Friday, March 31st at the Olympic View Arena from 5:15pm-7:00pm SJHA will be celebrating the big news with a Coach vs. Player game, food, music, and lots of new Junior Mets gear. 

The player team in the game will be called 'Seattle Junior's Finest.' This team will be made up of one player from every SJHA team 14U and older—Rec, Rep, and Tier I (both Youth and Girls)—who have been nominated by their coaching staff to represent their team. Seattle Junior's Finest will have the special honor to be the first ever players to wear the new home jerseys.

To witness this historic moment- RSVP here

Seattle Junior is also proud to release the association's new slogan: Expanding what you think hockey can do for you. "Our new slogan along with the updated uniforms and logo," says Hockey Director Marty Rubin, "epitomize Seattle Junior's commitment to creating transformational experiences for all player, coaches, and families through the game of hockey." With a new mission, vision, and core values statement, Seattle Junior is setting up the next generation of hockey players for lifelong success both inside the game of hockey and in life. 

Seattle Junior will be announcing coaching and programatic information in the next two weeks. "We are poised to make next season the most thoughtful and impactful programming in many years," says Rubin. "For now," he continues, "let's enjoy the thrill of becoming the Seattle Junior Metropolitans. Go Mets!"