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SJHA Announces Mid-Season Survey #2 Results

By Marty Rubin, 03/02/23, 12:30PM PST


SJHA is working hard to understand the diverse experiences of families and players across the association. We received more than enough responses to provide us with reliable data. The information you provided will help us be a much stronger association next season. Honesty and transparency with the data will be key to making real change. We truly appreciate the time so many families took to complete our survey, thank you. 

We want to report a few important takeaways from the data we collected:

  1. 204 members (almost 40% of our membership) took the time to answer this survey and provide their feedback. This is a 29% increase in participation. Reaching more families reliably will only add value to our feedback process and programming planning in the future.
  2. More players are coming home from hockey feeling indifferent, jumping from 12% to 24%. It is clear that SJHA must be creative and proactive about educating coaches, families, and players to keep the very long hockey season interesting and exciting for its entirety.
  3. Over 77% of families report that SJHA is meeting or exceeding expectations for skill development. With 36% of the association reporting that Skill Development is their most valued aspect of the youth hockey experience, we are thrilled to be meetings so many players' needs for skill development. We have used this data in comparison with the last survey to create programming for next year to raise this number significantly.
  4. 44% of SJHA families might return next season. We completely understand that the hockey options available to Seattle families are overwhelming. SJHA is poised to make this offseason the most productive in our history. We have exciting announcements for our brand, our program, and our community in the near future that will dramatically raise the number of those who will definitely return (45%). Stay tuned for more information. Our hockey community is going in the right direction.

    For a full report of the data we collected, please see this document below.