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Goalie Clinic Sign-Ups

Seattle Junior Hockey Association hosts regular goalie clinics. Here are some details about these clinics.

For each day that you'd like to attend on the sign-up list, click on the "Sign Up Here" to get to the signup for that day. In the signup form, please enter the goalie's name, age group, and times that the goalie can make clinic that day. Please select as many times and days (weekend clinics typically cover multiple days) as you can make. This gives us flexibility in scheduling.

If you have previously signed up and your plans have changed, you can let us know of those changes by signing up again and including a message in the notes field letting us know that things changed.

Each clinic will have a "Signups Close On" date listed in the description. On that date we'll look at the goalies that have signed up and assign goalies into groups of 2-3. Goalies will be grouped together with other goalies of similar age and skill. We'll email you and let you know what time your goalie has been assigned to and who your goalie will be grouped with.

Training Program

We will be providing several categories of training to all age groups and skill levels. These are explained below.

Goalie IQ

Goalie IQ is what we call training that allows goalies to practice applying current skills in game-like scenarios to explore solutions through "repetitions without being repetitive". The idea is that these conditions always vary during games, so our training should reflect that. We want high quantities of similar conditions, but real-world variation to each encounter. Through these experiences, goalies can see how their approach will hold up to conditions like those they will encounter during games. As experience accumulates, goalies adapt their approach to account for new skills developed and perspective gained.

Skill Development

Skill development is where we will work on adding tools to each goalie's toolbox. These will be tailored to the current skill level of each goalie while each group of 3 works on a category of skill development. For example, we may be working on "post integration techniques", but while one goalie is learning more basic levels, another may be learning on a more advanced level of the same skill. As we build up these skills, goalies will find they have more solutions to apply during the Goalie IQ sessions. Skills covered will be Skating, Stick Handling, Post Integration, Box control (including hand positioning) and Butterfly techniques.

During the season, goalies should be spending around 10 minutes per practice working on their skating. To help accomplish this task, we work with teams to develop coaches who can give this attention to the goalies. Skating needs to be consistent and repetitive throughout the season to provide meaningful results.

Lessons and camps are another training aide that provides a directed approach to skill development. Lessons can be more specific to a certain skill, while camps provide a broad-spectrum exposure to skills that often expand beyond a goalie's knowledge base. Our clinic sessions are designed to fill in the rest of the gaps.

Agility and Cognitive Training

Agility and Cognitive training will focus on small groups alternating between playing hand eye coordination games and learning about the mental side of goaltending. Games like flyers, four square, volleyball, pickle ball and slam ball are great ways to add physical literacy and hand eye coordination. Cognitive training will focus on puzzle solving teamwork as well as goalie specific interactive game analysis.

Strength Training

Strength Training sessions are going to be a work in progress for now. We started Zoom training through the season, and that may be what we do in the future. We're still deciding between in person sessions once per week, with assignments for home training, or Zoom meetings multiple times per week to keep kids on a schedule.

Photos and Videos

Our clinics at held at Olympic View Arena, on synthetic which we setup in the parking lot. Here's a photo of our setup, and a timelapse of a typical day of goalie clinics, including the setup and teardown.

Email List

We have email list that we used to let people know when new clinics are announced and keep everyone informed of other activities such as strength training sessions and camps. If you'd wish to join, please fill out the form below.

SJHA Goalie Clinic Email List


Finally, volunteers - we'd love to have help with the clinics. One place we need help is setting up and tearing down the synthetic ice every day. The assignment emails will include the times when we will be setting up and tearing down. If you'd like to help, please reply to the assignment email and let us know.

Mike Moe