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Goalie Clinic

The Registration "Goalie Clinic" is not currently available.


Camp Overview

August 12th - 16th 
8:00am - 3:45pm
Itemized Schedule Coming Soon!

Classroom Sessions - Group discussion of applying specific tactics in appropriate situations, creating a mental map that links save concepts to situational play. There will be a new topic each day; goalies can ask questions and learn how these concepts can fit into their game and become their own based on what skills they feel they are confident in performing. Goalies will also gain an understanding of the importance of acquiring new skills that cover more game

On-ice Goalie Specific Sessions - Daily ice sessions will cover techniques such as fundamental skating, angles, depth, butterfly, save selection, rebound control and recovery.  Additionally, time
will be spent on post integration (vh, rvh and standing), low to high plays, high to low plays, corner walk-ins and lateral release.  Many of these techniques will tie directly into classroom session topics.

On-ice with Skaters - Goalies will spend one ice session per day with skaters participating in the accompanying player camp.  10u and under age group goalies will focus on having fun in live action drills. 12u and up age group goalies will be expected to apply concepts from the camp without instruction from coaches.  Coaches will gather video of goalies in the 12u and up age group for individual review to start the next morning.

Strength Training/Conditioning Sessions - 10u and under age group will learn about basic off-ice conditioning and coordination appropriate for the age group.  Strength training will not be a focus
for this group.  12u and over age group will work on goalie specific strength training (body weight and resistance bands), conditioning through routine off-ice stretching, and hand-eye coordination to develop tracking.  The routines provided will allow goalies to continue their development at home with minimal equipment and space requirements.

Goalies of all skill levels are welcome to register
Cost: $450.00
Included: Camp jersey, daily lunch and snack