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The 'Chip and Go Newsletter' is an accessible way to learn more about the game of hockey and connect with your SJHA community. This is a one-stop-shop for all your SJHA news and information. Our 35th edition features new segments 'The Rope' and 'Let's Share,' an enlightening deep-dive into Physical Literacy for coaches, a window into USA Hockey's strategies and values, and much more! So, give it a quick Chip and Go!

Seattle Junior News & Updates

  • SJHA exceeded registration expectations this season! We are over 510 skaters strong! 
  • SJHA’s 2022-23 Coaches Meeting on Tuesday, September 6th was attended by over 40 SJHA coaches. We set expectations for leadership, challenged our planning skills, and collaborated as a community to get better at our craft. Since then coaches have participated in one of two workshop with a sport psychologist to learn breath-work, visualization, and discover our leadership styles. Our next workshop is Saturday, September 24th. 
  • The SJHA Junior Coach Development program begins this weekend with a Zoom meeting. The mission of the Junior Coach Development program is to teach Seattle Junior players ages 14+ (2009 and older) the basic instructional and tactical skills necessary to be an SJHA hockey coach. Beyond just coaching hockey, the lessons we learn from instructing, mentoring, and planning for young athletes are transferable to a plethora of leadership skills that will advance Junior Coaches’ value in the job market, higher education, community work, and more. 
  • MHL schedules are set to come out before October 5th. The first games of the season will be October 7th-8th. 
  • The Northwest Stars AAA teams went to Blaine, MN last week to participate in this year's first NAPHL Showcase playing against some of the most elite competition in the country. Great effort boys and here's to your continual development!
  • SJHA raised $3,500 from the Pre-Season Party! Thank you so much to everyone who donated and participated. This money will fund the Coach Development and Junior Coach Development programs as well as chip away at the gym renovation project. 
  • We are stepping up our social game! If you have videos, pictures, or updates of your team doing amazing things like team building, community service, supporting one another, etc. please email to!

Let's share!

Let's Share is a new addition to the Chip and Go Newsletter. We will ask a question to players, coaches, or parents and share our community's answers in the next edition. This week we are asking a simple question: what do you eat and drink before hockey to make you feel energized? 

Please click on this link to enter your answer!

Coaches' Corner- Drill of the Week!

This week's Coaches' Corner is dedicated to LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. At SJHA we talk a lot about using the ice efficiently and effectively in terms of the space necessary to control the playing field for skill and concept development. Space, however, is just one aspect of a learning environment. Dr. Dean Kriellaars, leading expert in Physical Literacy, teaches coaches how to create the best environment to develop players with concepts like cuing, layering complexity, and changing the speed of skill drills based on the fatigue level of players to teach decision making while tired. With years of research in the field of Physical Literacy, Dr. K has created a coaching model enriched with lessons learned from his ground breaking research. Check out the video below and reach out to if you are interested in discussing the application of Dr. K's work in our practices at SJHA. With a thoughtful approach in mind, we can be leaders in player development directly suited for our young, impressionable players. 

The Rope

The Rope is a new segment on the Chip and Go Newsletter inspired by SJHA's slogan, "Pulling the Rope, Together." We will dedicate this space for highlighting community members and spreading community values. The first ever Rope will be introducing SJHA's Leadership Team: 

-Lisa Menzl- Registrar- Lisa is in her fifth season with Seattle Junior! As the Registrar, Lisa is determined to make the administrative side of youth hockey as smooth and organized as possible. An ever excitable presence in the lobby, Lisa will likely have fit your player for a jersey, answered your rostering question, or helped you get clarity on your payment plan. She is the backbone of the association. When she is not in the Hockey Office, Lisa spending time with family, traveling, and enjoying the sun!

-Travis Moore- Programs Coordinator/Goalie Director- Travis is SJHA's newest hire. With years of digital artistry and strategic marketing experience, Travis is going to help SJHA create the culture that will drive the best hockey experiences for our players. On top of that, Travis is a remarkable goalie instructor and deeply enjoys bringing more goalies into the game we all love. When he is not in the Hockey Office or in the butterfly position with the kiddos, Travis can be found cheffing a tasty meal, playing games with his son, Mason, or netminding for several of Seattle's most gregarious adult league teams. 

-Marty Rubin- Hockey Director- Marty is entering his second full season as Hockey Director. He is dedicated to SJHA's Mission of providing a transformational experience for all of our hockey players. Marty appreciates communicating with curious, open SJHA members and tries his best to get to know every kid and parent as the wonderful human beings that they are. When he is not in the Hockey Office or on the ice, Marty is likely hiking with his dog, Lupo, or playing guitar and mandolin in a bluegrass jam.

SJHA Discipline Committee

Youth hockey is the most amazing environment to teach dedication, discipline, respect, and empathy. These skills, along with growth mindset and teamwork, amount to building the transformational community we envision for our hockey family. However, hockey can be emotional and confusing at times. Players, coaches, and parents will act in ways that do not build community. In the past, the SJHA has used discipline as a governing tool and a means to exact authority over those who have wronged others. Moving forward, SJHA will be centering the vision we have for our community in our discipline process. 

It is a great pleasure of ours to introduce the new SJHA Discipline Committee. Made up of educators and trusted community members, the Discipline Committee will oversee all violations of the SJHA Athlete Code of Conduct (page 17) with a new paradigm: providing learning opportunities along with holding those who have wronged others accountable for their actions. In other words, in order to build the community we truly want to have, we must create space for learning and repairing alongside discipline and consequences. 

So, how does this play out when something happens in our community? When there are violations of the Athlete Code of Conduct, PNAHA Rulebook, or USA Hockey Coach's or Parent's Code of Conduct or repeated adverse behavior addressed initially by coaches, the SJHA Discipline Committee will assign a liaison to the player, parent, or coach involved. This liaison will walk with the player, parent, or coach through the discipline process and follow up with the player, parent, or coach after disciplinary and restorative opportunities are assigned. Our goal is to turn poor behavior and mistakes into learning lessons that will not only keep our players safe, but make our community stronger. 

Should any incident or behavior require SafeSport to investigate, the Discipline Committee will provide temporary safety measures while the proper SafeSport authorities investigate and make a recommendation for discipline. For any and all SafeSport allegations or reports of misconduct, please email Do not report to the Hockey Director. 

Our Discipline Committee will be made of Vice President of SJHA Gord Whitaker, Hockey Director Marty Rubin, Hayley Etnier, and Jennifer Eaton. 

Admiral Academy- Learn Something New Today!

Youth hockey is a complicated ecosystem to navigate. There are many opinions about the methods through which we should be developing our players into the next generations Junior, collegiate, and professional athletes. If you are already this far into the newsletter, it is clear that you are interested in learning more about the wild wild world of hockey. The Admiral Academy is a staple in the newsletter for resources such as books, podcasts, articles, documentaries, and other media to learn about hockey history, where the game is headed, and much more. 

The Hockey Think Tank Podcast is an industry leader dedicated to bringing a little hockey education and a little hockey inspiration to the people who need it the most: youth hockey families. The featured episode is a conversation between the HTTP hosts and Bob Mancini, ADM Director of USA Hockey. The conversation is candid about USA Hockey's progress to instill a functional Coaching Education Program, establishing hockey  cultures that emphasize multi-sport athleticism, and the right balance of training and playing games. You can find all their work on Apple Podcasts. Here is the link to this episode



The 'Chip and Go Newsletter' is a fast and easy way to learn more about the game of hockey and connect with your SJHA community. This is a one-stop-shop for all your SJHA news and information. This edition features SJHA's updated Mission, Vision, and Core Values, updates about the preseason party, a message to 10U Rep families, and much more! So, give it a quick Chip and Go!

Mission, Vision, Core Values

We are so excited to announce our revamped Mission, Vision, and Core Values. This is what culture means to SJHA : 

  • Mission: Seattle Junior strives to make positive lasting impact for all players, coaches, and families through the game of hockey. Our unique grassroots community is dedicated to practicing age-specific, player-centered skill development, boosting hockey-specific adult education, and promoting respect and inclusivity in our culture.
  • Vision: Our vision to create a transformational experience for all players in the association. Through the game of hockey all players will learn leadership skills, make indelible positive memories and deep-rooted relationships, and maximize their opportunities to realize their hockey dreams. 
  • Core Values: Seattle Junior holds high aspirations for every member of our community. We believe that growth mindset, collaboration, respect, volunteerism, teamwork, commitment, and communication are imperative to reaching our goals. This is pulling the rope, together.

Seattle Junior News and Updates

  1. The Pre-Season Party is back! We will celebrate our upcoming season's commencement on Sunday, August 28th. There will be a block party in the parking lot with lots of games and food, an on-ice skills competition for 8U-12U players (registrations coming soon), and an SJHA Coaches game to cap it off! The Moonshine food truck will be back! And, we will have an amazing silent auction! Please save 8/28 to celebrate with us!
  2. The 2022-2023 Season Registration is live! Please sign up as soon as possible!
  3. Coaches, here are some important dates to keep in mind: 
    • August 31st - Coaching Requirements (SafeSport, Background Check, Age-Module, CEP Sign-Up) are due
    • September 6th- Rep and Rec Coaches Meeting @ 5:30pm-8:30pm
    • September 17th- Sports Psychology Zoom Workshop 1 @ 11:00am-1:00pm
    • September 24th- Sports Psychology Zoom Workshop 1 @ 11:00am-1:00pm
    • October 1st- Team Culture Zoom Workshop @ 11:00am-1:00pm 
  4. We have added a FAQ page and we are working on adding a communication page to more effectively direct communications to the right people. 
  5. All of SJHA's Rep teams are out this month on hiking trails, at public parks, and at outdoor roller hockey rinks developing their team bonds, problem solving and communication skills, as well as setting goals and expectations for the upcoming season. We are working to create team cultures that are positive, motivating, and full of opportunities to practice new life skills. A big thank you to the coaches and volunteers that are assisting in team building activities and team bonding experiences!
  6. The PAC Challenge is rapidly approaching. This is hands down the most expected week on the SJHA calendar. Players and goalies are welcome but spots are limited, so sign up today! 
  7. SJHA has added an Athlete Code of Conduct to our Blue Book. Please familiarize yourself with the language and expectations. Here is the link to the Blue Book

10U Rep

A quick note to all the prospective 10U Rep families: 

As we spoke about in our information session, SJHA will be participating in a Competition Committee meeting on July 14th to determine the structure of the league for next season. SJHA is committed to composing our program in a way that aligns with the league set-up and our association's core values. We will not be able to provide any more information until the league is officially created. We thank you for your patience in advance. 

We will have 10U Rep Tryouts on August 26th-28th at Olympic View Arena. In order to prepare for the tryouts, we will hold three 10U Pre-Tryout sessions. These will be non-evaluative chances to get back on the ice and feel confident heading into the tryout weekend. Please click this link to find out more information about the Pre-Tryout skates

For any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to 



Are you an SJHA player looking to be a better hockey player and teammate? Do you want to improve your defensive skills and knowledge?

Are you an SJHA goalie eager to develop your netminding prowess?

Come join us at the first ever SJHA Defense Specialist + Goalie Clinic on July 30th & 31st at the Olympic View Arena!

On-Ice Sessions:  Hockey Director Marty Rubin will cover defensive tactics: gap, angling, agility, active sticks, man-on-man play, and body contact. 

Player Video Session: Calgary Flames Scout and former Seattle Thunderbirds Head Coach Rob Sumner will be walking the group through an NHL style video session breaking down important defensive concepts displayed by the world's best defensive players. 

Goalie Session: Goalie Coach Derek Bohn and SJHA Goalie Development Staff will be focusing on edge work, eating pucks, lateral plays, low-high and high-low, and more fun and challenging drills to boost the skills of all levels.

Goalie Video Session:  Goalie Coach Derek Bohn will be walking the group through a professional video session breaking down important goaltending concepts displayed by the world's best netminders. 

Everyone will skate twice (once a day) and have two video sessions (once a day). Here is the schedule: 

9:00am-10:15am- Squirt/Peewee Ice
10:30am-11:45am- Video session for all players / Goalie Clinic Ice*
12:00-1:15pm- Bantam/Midget Ice + Goalie Clinic Video Session

9:00am-10:15am- Squirt/Peewee Ice
10:30am-11:45am- Video session for all players / Goalie Clinic Ice*
12:00-1:15pm- Bantam/Midget Ice + Goalie Clinic Video Session

Fundraising:  All net-proceeds from this event will go to the Seattle Junior Coaching Development program. Every dollar we make will fund guest speakers to educate our coaches about important areas for growth in our community such as team leadership and culture building, social and emotional learning, and off-ice training and nutrition. SJHA looks to provide coaches with four workshops on different topics to support their learning and teaching throughout the season. We are investing in our growth mindset! And we need your help!

The Registration "CHIP AND GO NEWSLETTER" is not currently available.

Admiral Academy- Learn Something New Today!

Are you a parent, coach, or player looking to learn more about the game of hockey? Are you interested in athletic development, leadership skills, or tips to make your hockey dreams come true? The Hockey Think Tank Podcast is a perfect place to go to learn and find more inspiring resources about the game we love so much. Here are a few recommended episodes to check out:

Episode 208 - Adam Oates

Episode 211 - The 5 P's of Leadership (Part 1)

Episode 213 - The 5 P's of Leadership (Part 2)

Episode 214 - Jon Gordon

Topher Scott will be speaking with our coaches this season about building team culture! Get a sneak peak of their experience by listening to these episodes on your long summer drives!