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Welcome back to the 'Chip and Go Newsletter'!- October Edition II

The 'Chip and Go Newsletter' is a fast and easy way to learn more about the game of hockey and connect with your SJHA community. This is a one-stop-shop for all your SJHA news and information. This week's edition features updates about Kraken tickets, a Try Hockey For Free event, tips to improving your wrist shot technique, and a whole bunch more! Give it a quick Chip and Go!

Kraken Tickets Help SJHA!

We still have 63 tickets available for the Kraken vs. Sabres game on November 4th! Every single dollar you spend goes to SJHA's campaign to fund more skills and goalie coaches, buy new training equipment (think divider pads!), and make hockey more inclusive and affordable through our scholarship fund. We have updated our ticketing rules for this game! Anyone from SJHA (or related to SJHA) can buy these tickets! 

Please fill out the Sabres ticket form either by clicking this link or by scanning this QR code (only for Sabres game right now). We will contact you about payment via email or by phone. Again, this money goes directly to improving SJHA, please consider joining us for a night at Climate Pledge!

The Minnesota Wild Collection night will be next Wednesday, October 27th at Olympic View arena! Anyone from SJHA (or related to SJHA) can buy these tickets! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Seattle Junior News & Updates

-The 12U Lady Admirals lost a heartbreaking overtime Championship game in the Inaugural Seattle Fall Classic and the Kraken Community Iceplex. The girls worked extremely hard and should be very proud of their effort and success so far this season. 
-We have some undefeated SJHA MHL teams heading into this weekend! Good luck to the 18U Eagles, 14U Totems, 14U Eagles, and 12U Totems as they try to keep their streaks alive!
-The King County Vaccination Verification plan begins on October 25th. Here is what you need to know about playing hockey in King County for the next few months. 
-SJHA made two important amendments to the SJHA COVID Safety Plan. Please check them out on our COVID page. 

Try Hockey For Free + Beginner Winter Session

November 6th from 8:15am-9:30am at the Olympic View Arena, SJHA will be holding a Try Hockey For Free event! This is one of our most important events of the year because it is our best recruitment tool for the next generation of SJHA hockey players. Our Try Hockey For Free event leads right into the Winter Beginner Hockey session. Please send these links along to anyone in your community from family to neighbors and schoolmates who might be interested in trying our amazing game!

Admiral Academy- Learn Something New Today!

This week's Admiral Academy features a conversation between Dr. Richard Bailey, the Head of Research at the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education and John O'Sullivan, host of the Way of Champions podcast and founder of the Changing the Game Project. Both of these men have dedicated their lives to educating coaches, parents, and leaders with the shared desired outcome of using sport to create lasting positive environments and experiences for children that will ultimately help them become successful adults. This conversation centers around imploring coaches and leaders of coaches to use the most up to date scientific research about early childhood development and the phases of learning and skill mastery to inform and change their approaches to coaching young children. Dr. Bailey also digs deep to debunk commonly held truisms in the sports world from old and new age such as the 10,000 hours rule, overpraising young children, practicing drills vs. problem solving skills, and recognizing young athletic prodigies. Whether you have been coaching or parenting for a long time or you are brand new to the sports world, this is an eye opening and challenging listen. If you would like to discuss the podcast further, do not hesitate to reach out to 

Way of Champions Podcast- Dr. Richard Bailey

Coaches' Corner- Skill of the Week!

This week's Coaches' Corner is dedicated to SHOOTING TECHNIQUE. No matter your age or skill level, constantly isolating your shooting technique is critical to your success in the game of hockey. This Coaches' Corner is just as much for the parents and coaches at 8U and as it is for the players at 18U. National Skill Development Association founder Dwayne Blais walks us through the fundamental aspects of proper shooting technique in the video below. Blais spares no expense digging into the minute details of the wrist shot. First, before his stick even hits the ice, he emphasizes hand placement on the stick using the hips or the forearms as guidelines for how far apart the hands should be while shooting. Feet placement are also key to creating a stable center of gravity while allowing the legs to transfer weight from back foot to front foot, the key driving motion of a shot. Next, Blais lays out the details of puck placement on the heel of the stick blade, the reasons for loading up the puck behind the back foot, and the importance of letting the blade open up naturally in the follow through of the shot. Last, he makes sure that he shows his shoulders driving through the shot and his bottom hand pushing hard on the stick shaft to demonstrate ways to add power to the wrist shot. Watch this section several times over and think about how you shoot or how your teach kids to shoot, if you are missing any details, they are right here!

The best part of this video is Blais's praise for a hard, low shot. He acknowledges that all players want to be able to shoot the puck high and score top shelf every time. But, if we do not work hard to teach the proper technique, our players will only know how to flip pucks. This starts with praising the players who take time to practice the proper technique and demonstrate their progress through quick, low, and hard shots on the net. 

For coaches looking to ratchet up the skill development, the video also offers a few progressions to add more challenges for players while they practice their fundamental techniques. Shooting in stride and shooting off passes are keys to getting dangerous pucks on the net for primary or secondary scoring opportunities. If you have questions about this video or want to discuss shooting technique further, please reach out to 

Welcome back to the 'Chip and Go Newsletter'!- October Edition I

The 'Chip and Go Newsletter' is a fast and easy way to learn more about the game of hockey and connect with your SJHA community. This is a one-stop-shop for all your SJHA news and information. This week's edition features resources about USA Hockey rules changes, a transformational discussion about hockey coaching culture, and a BIG announcement from SJHA! Give it a quick Chip and Go!

Seattle Junior News & Updates

-Hockey games have finally arrived! This weekend the MHL and PNAHA seasons officially start in earnest. If you are wondering about your REC (or 10U Rep) team's schedule, please check the MHL website. If you are wondering about REP team's schedule, please check the PNAHA website. Managers will be uploading games onto Sports Engine throughout the month. Consult the two resources above before the SJHA website. 

-This weekend the 12U and 14U Lady Admirals will be representing Seattle Junior in the first ever tournament held at the Kraken Community Iceplex! The Seattle Fall Classic is a girls only hockey tournament and will be hosting excellent competition from California, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Cheer on our Lady A's playing Saturday and Sunday! The 19U Lady A's will be in Dallas, TX representing SJHA in their second National Girl's Hockey League showcase. 

-SJHA has announced the dates and times for our Winter Beginner Hockey Session! Once the Kraken hit the ice, every kid in Seattle is going to want to learn to play the game. Please tell your friends, neighbors, classmates, family, etc. to try hockey with Seattle Junior. 

You Heard It Here First!

We have some VERY exciting news! SJHA is partnering with the Seattle Kraken to have THREE Seattle Junior Nights at Kraken home games this season. 

SJHA will be selling a finite number of tickets to each game with the hopes of raising money to fund goalie and skills coaches, buy new equipment for the rinks, and add to our Scholarship Fund to make hockey more equitable and accessible. The cost per ticket will be $180 (at least 20% below market value) for each game. 

Here are the game nights and the number of tickets SJHA is selling: 

11/4/21 (Thursday)- Kraken vs. Sabres- 80 Tickets
11/13/21 (Saturday)- Kraken vs. Wild- 113 Tickets- BONUS- SJHA Mites will take the ice at intermission!
4/29/22 (Friday)- Kraken vs. Sharks- 40 Tickets- Last game of the regular season

How can I get tickets? 

SJHA will have "Collection Nights" specifically designated for each of the games above. In order to reserve your tickets, you must come to the rink (no electronic transactions) with a check or cash in hand. We will have a SJHA staff member in the Hockey Office ready to collect. These will be first come, first serve, so please get to the rink early. 

If you are paying via check, please make it out to the Seattle Junior Hockey Association with the memo reading "Fundraiser."

Collection Nights will only correspond to the individual games designated. In other words, you cannot buy a Sharks ticket on Wild Collection Night. 

Here are the Collection Nights: 

Sabres Collection Night: Wednesday, October 20th from 5pm-10pm
Wild Collection Night: Wednesday, October 27th from 5pm-10pm
Sharks Collection Night: Wednesday, December 8th from 5pm-10pm

We will not be issuing refunds, so please make sure you can go to the games ahead of time. 

How many tickets can I get? 

Our goal is to have as many SJHA players in the stands as possible. This is the first season any of our players have had the chance to go to an NHL game in their hometown and we want to inspire them to become students of hockey. Therefore, we will limit the number of tickets an SJHA household can buy to one adult per SJHA family. In other words, if you have three SJHA players in your household, you can buy four tickets (player, player, player, adult). 

What happens after I purchase tickets? 

We are working directly with the ticketing office for the Kraken to send you electronic tickets after purchase. This may take time and we hope to have direct instructions from them before any Collection Nights. 

Let's show off our community!

If you purchase tickets, wear your red SJHA, Lady A's, or Northwest Stars jerseys to show off your pride for our wonderful hockey community. If you have any questions about this, please let know. We are so excited to see you at the game!!

This will go out in an email on Monday, October 11th, but you heard it here first!

Coaches' Corner- Skill of the Week!

One of the many important skills to master in the ever changing game of hockey is playing within the rules. As we begin the 2021-2022 season, it is imperative to know not only the changes to the USA Hockey Rule Book, but new terms and phrases associated with the ways in which the rule updates are changing the game of hockey. Before the season began, USA Hockey released a video that details the rule updates and shows examples of rule violations and proper play. The rule changes have the following points emphasis: fair play and respect, abuse of officials, intimidation tactics, competitive contact, body checking- focus on possession of the puck, coaching in safe and sportsmanlike environment, officials-enforcing all rules with integrity, and spectators respecting and supporting all participants. As you can see, the points of emphasis move far past the play between the whistle and are clearly aimed at creating an atmosphere of expected respect and camaraderie in the rink at all times. 

First and foremost, contact rules are not just for contact hockey! The following is for ALL players and coaches. 

A minor penalty will be assessed to any player who engages in competitive contact without making an effort to gain possession of the puck. And, a minor penalty will be assessed to any player who delivers a body check to an opponent who is physically engaged in a battle for puck possession with another player. We must be teaching our players to recognize these situations and refrain from using their bodies as weapons on defenseless or vulnerable players. The discrete concepts of contact, possession, and control of the puck can be used as devices for players to understand the situations in which they find themselves preparing or holding back from making any competitive contact in a game.  For example, players who have released the puck for a pass or shot are no longer in possession of the puck and therefore cannot be the target of any body contact. The days of finishing our checks are over, so put on the breaks and get your butt back in the play! Even 10U players need to know this information now because it will help them as the game gets faster and more serious later. Coaches, please make sure these rules are taught to your players often and are reinforced in practices and games daily. 

Here are some other major rules changes of which coaches, players, and spectators should be aware:

-Delayed offsides has been eliminated. Therefore all offside plays will be automatic. The emphasis with this rule is to encourage players to regroup with possession instead of dumping the puck to get rid of it. Coaches should be heavily invested in the techniques regrouping (puck support, getting open, targets for passes, communication) in practices. 
-There will be icing called even during a penalty kill. 
-A player with four penalties in one game will serve a misconduct for the following game.
-A coach will serve a misconduct for the following game if there are more than 12 line items in their penalty count on the scoresheet. 
-Banging on the boards with sticks and skates, especially for body contact, will result in a minor penalty. 

This must feel like a lot is happening. That is fair. It is extremely important for all players, coaches, and spectators to understand the changes to the rules of the game to avoid confusion and to push our players to play within the rules while staying as competitive, dynamic, and safe as possible.

The USA Hockey Code of Conduct is a great source through which to process these changes. It has great reminders like, "any criticism of the officials only hurts the game;" "enforce the positive points of the game;" and, "remember, children learn best by example."

If you have questions or want to speak further about the rule changes, please reach out to 

Admiral Academy- Learn Something New Today!

The purpose of the Admiral Academy is to provide the SJHA community access to resources inside the hockey world that teach about the game and its history, offer alternative perspectives on coaching or parenting, or highlight experiences of hockey players that are not typically represented in mainstream hockey media. All in all, we want our community to always be learning something new!

This week's Admiral Academy features a conversation with John O'Sullivan, a man who has dedicated his life and business to providing coach and parent education. John speaks with The Hockey Think Tank Podcast team about reconstructing the culture of youth sports to become a transformational experience for players and families, not a transactional experience. The dialogue is extremely pertinent to the culture of hockey that SJHA is working hard to create. Player, coach, parent, does not matter, you do not want to miss this conversation because we can all learn how to be even better at what we do to improve our hockey community. 

You can find this episode of The Hockey Think Tank Podcast on Apple Podcast. 

If you would like to discuss this podcast, please reach out to