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Welcome back to the 'Chip and Go Newsletter'!- September Edition I

The 'Chip and Go Newsletter' is a fast and easy way to learn more about the game of hockey and connect with your SJHA community. This is a one-stop-shop for all your SJHA news and information. This week's edition introduces SJHA's COVID Task Force in the News & Updates section, explores understanding talent in the Coaches' Corner, promotes our new Beginner Hockey program, and more. So, give it a quick chip and go! 

Seattle Junior News & Updates

-The 2021-2022 season is finally here!! Team practices will begin the week of September 7th! If you are ever in need of practice and game times/locations, please bookmark our SJHA League Schedule which is updated nearly everyday!
-In anticipation of the upcoming season SJHA has formed a COVID Task Force dedicated to creating transparent, concise, and research-based COVID policies, procedures, and practices to protect the health and safety of our community. This Task Force is made up of devoted hockey parents in our community who are practicing health care professionals. The Task Force will meet weekly to continuously research local, state, and national COVID policies, communicate with teams and families when positive cases come to SJHA, and work to foster an environment of education, respect, and community. It is an expectation that all SJHA players, coaches, and families follow the current SJHA policies for masking, social distancing, and quarantine procedures. For any and all COVID related questions, please reach out to - please do not write Hockey Director Marty Rubin with COVID questions. We will read all inquiries, but will not be able to respond to all questions. COVID policies such as masking, social distancing, and quarantine procedures are subject to change. We ask for your understanding and grace as we do our best to navigate the changing situation. 
-The 17U Lady Admirals attended their first National Girl's Hockey League event last weekend in Connecticut! Wish the 12U Lady Admirals luck as they attend their first National Girl's Hockey League event on Labor Day weekend!
-The SJHA Pre-Season Party was a blast! Congratulations to the Silent Auction winners and thank you once again to all those who donated and participated! Below is a quick video of Marty in the dunk tank and some fun backyard games!

Please help SJHA put on the best Beginner program ever! Beginners is most important way to ensure SJHA stays healthy. Send this off to your friends, families, neighbors, schoolmates, etc. We have programs for players 10U and 10+ no experience necessary!


Flu, who? Never heard of ‘em.

When the flu calls, hit decline. 

*ring* *ring*
the flu is calling

As we put summer to bed, a familiar foe wakes up and starts planning its yearly spread. That's right — the flu is back, and it has your number. Luckily, you can block the bug before it reaches you by scheduling a 5-minute shot at ZoomCare. It's safe, free with most insurances, and takes just 5 minutes (or less)! 

Ready to forget flu? Schedule a 5-minute flu shot 

Coaches' Corner- Skill of the Week!

This Coaches' Corner is dedicated to UNDERSTANDING TALENT. Players come in many different shapes, sizes, learning styles, and exposures to the sport of hockey. Some are growing faster than others and some have played the game longer than others. The point where a player is at in their development is just that, a point. It will change over time and that change is much less dependent on their natural talent than it is on their work ethic and the belief that improvement is always possible. The important thing to remember here is that adults need to instill this belief in the next generation because it is certainly not an innate characteristic. Namely, that success in hockey is about choosing to work hard and believing that development is a continual process that is different for all youth athletes.  

Creating and maintaining an environment in which players are encouraged to come to the rink each day ready work outside their comfort zone is a skill that takes a lifetime to learn. We must practice it every single day. It is up to a coach's awareness of their rewarding and praising of players that determines if this environment exists on a team or not. Players who feel their "more talented" peers are receiving more instruction, attention, ice time, and praise will be less motivated to try something new or work hard at a difficult skill. Coaches must be rewarding players for their consistent hard work and willingness to try, fail, and try again just as often as they are praising their players who can outskate opponents or score top shelf. And for the players that seem to demonstrate age-appropriate skills with ease, coaches can enrich their development experience by pushing them to work on new skills rather than relying on the skills they are already good at. Backhand passing and shooting is always the easiest example to use here. We can always work on our accuracy in backhand passing and our strength in backhand shooting!

Praising and rewarding players for their consistent hard work and willingness to try, fail, and try again can take many forms: sticks taps, one-on-one feedback conversations, 'hard hat' award for hardest working player in practices or games, monthly or quarterly progress reports that include notes about work ethic, and many more fun ideas that let players know that their success in skill development is tied directly to their work ethic and belief in themselves (not their talent!). If you would like to discuss this further, please reach out to

Welcome back to the 'Chip and Go Newsletter'!- August Edition I

The 'Chip and Go Newsletter' is a fast and easy way to learn more about the game of hockey and connect with your SJHA community. This is a one-stop-shop for all your SJHA news and information. So, give it a quick chip and go! To celebrate our 20th edition of the newsletter and the beginning of a new hockey season, SJHA is throwing you a party! We will cover all the party details as well as provide some information for coaches and volunteers for the upcoming season. 

Seattle Junior News & Updates

  • SJHA 2021-2022 Season Registration is open! When you register with us for the upcoming season you are guaranteed the following: three evaluations from Rec coaches, a roster spot on a Rec team in your age division, two practices a week (Mondays and Wednesdays), and one game a weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) from September 7th through the end of February. Evaluation schedule is on the registration and our website. 
  • The 12U and 17U Lady Admirals are shipping out to Connecticut to play in this season's first National Girl's Hockey League showcase! They will be facing some of the top competition in youth girl's hockey and representing Seattle Junior proudly! Wish them luck!
  • Next week, August 17th and 18th, SJHA will be holding a Knock Off The Rust mini-camp for 8U and 10U Rec players looking to hit the ice before the upcoming evaluations. See the front page of the SJHA site for more information. 
  • Masking Mandate: In cooperation with the Olympic View Arena and the Lynnwood Ice Center, SJHA will be requiring that spectators, players, coaches, and officials (vaccinated or unvaccinated) above the age of 5 wear masks while indoors at all times except on the ice. Those unvaccinated still must wear masks on the ice. More specifically, masks must be worn in the lobby area, the stands, on the bench (except for players), and in the locker rooms (including players) at all times. This mandate is a directive from the Snohomish County Health Office. 

Try Hockey For Free

Sunday, August 22, 2021

10:00 am - 11:30 am at Olympicview Arena

Try Hockey For Free is a beautiful event where your young kids get to have their FIRST on-ice hockey experience! We will have plenty of coaches on hand to provide your child the fun, safe, and exciting hockey environment that is standard practice at SJHA. Skaters will get an opportunity to learn the basic skills of youth hockey and enjoy their first game. This is also a very important event for bringing new players into the game.  We invite all of you to reach out to friends, neighbors, family, co-workers and community groups to help spread the word!!  

Send this link to anyone who is interested: SJHA TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE

Coaches' Corner

The following is important information for all Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, On-Ice and Off-Ice Volunteers: USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program (CEP) require both certification and registration to be eligible to coach. Registration and certification are done online on a yearly basis. You must complete and submit your  USA Hockey registration,  SafeSport Training, Background Screening, Age Specific Modules, and Coaching Education Program certification prior to being considered to coach one of our teams and or being added to an official roster.  We suggest that you get these done early so that you will not have to be removed from a roster later! If you have questions, please reach out to ! Thank you for doing what it takes to be on the ice with our players!!

SJHA Pre-Season Party!!

Who? SJHA is throwing YOU a party to bring the community together to get excited for the upcoming hockey season!

What? We have a TON of events and attractions planned!

  • Backyard games: Spike Ball, Corn Hole, Kan Jam, etc.
  • Silent Auction: TJ Oshie Signed Jersey, Summer Cottage Getaway, Gear From Hockey Wolf, Hockey Lessons From Your Favorite SJHA Coaches, Free Ice At OVA, Kraken Tickets, Rookie Makin Custom Cookies, and much more!
  • Dunk Tank: Sink your favorite coaches, refs, and directors!
  • Moonshine BBQ: Pulled Pork and Chicken Sandwiches, Chipotle Crusted Pork Mac n' Cheese, Potato Salad, and Coleslaw
  • Synthetic Ice: Bring your skates, helmet, gloves, and stick
  • Concessions: Ice Cream Novelties, Water, Gatorade, and Beer (for those age 21+)
  • Music, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new teammates, and having some fun in the sun!

When? Saturday, August 21st from 12:00pm-5:00pm- Come anytime!

Where? Olympic View Arena- 22202 70th Ave West, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Why? We want to welcome you back to our wonderful hockey community in style! This is also a fundraiser. SJHA is working to meet our fundraising goals in order to bring more goalie and player skills coaches to SJHA practices, buy new equipment and training tools for teams, bolster the SJHA Scholarship Fund to make hockey more affordable and equitable, and provide more resources for SJHA coaches. We understand everyone's financial situation is different, but if you can help us raise money to meet our goals, please help out by buying some food, drinks, and dunk tank tickets; also, give our silent auction a shot!

How? SJHA is a volunteer driven organization. All items at the event will be donated including the silent auction and all workers will be volunteers. SJHA cannot function without the amazing support of our dedicated membership. If you are interested in helping for an hour, please sign up here!

RSVP here so we know you're coming!!

Admiral Academy- Learn Something New Today!

Below is a blog post on The Hockey Think Tank website, one of my favorite hockey resources on the internet. One of the many features of the website is a blog space for coaches, parents, and players to write and share out their thoughts creatively to improve the culture and community of the sport we all love. The other day I came across the blog post titled "Building Relationships." At first glance, the post seemed to be centered on the communication necessary in the coach/parent relationship to strictly benefit of the coach's sanity; essentially, if the article is not read carefully, it posits parents as the sole driver of negative behavior in their team's social ecosystem and the coach as the only one who can fix it. However, upon further inspection, what the article is really doing is asking parents and coaches equally to work together to communicate proactively, honestly, and transparently throughout each stage of the season to develop an agreed upon set of boundaries, rules, channels of communication, and, most importantly, circles of trust. Ultimately, the effective communication between parents and coaches has a benefit far beyond the coach's sanity or the parent's satisfaction: the kids actually develop throughout the season! So, please read this article and think about the role you play (and everyone plays) to make sure your relationships are consistently improving and adding to your player's development. If you want to talk about this further, please reach out to