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Seattle Junior Announces New Goalie Director

By Marty Rubin, 04/20/22, 12:45PM PDT


SJHA names Travis Moore the new Director of Goaltending Development

There are 6 players on the ice and SJHA is committed to developing them all. We have a new Director of Goalie Development and he’s committed to taking our goaltending development and community culture to the next level.

Effective immediately, SJHA is proud to announce that Travis Moore has accepted the role of Goalie Development Director. He has spent countless hours over the last few seasons developing goalies alongside Mike Moe, the former Director. Mike has decided to step down due to health considerations and heavily endorsed Travis as his successor. 

Travis’s vision for the program and his philosophy can be summed up simply with one of his many phrases, “Mind, Body, and Goal”. This holistic development approach encompasses and distills what is most important for goalies to focus on no matter what skill level or age. Travis is dedicated to not only developing goalies’ intellectual, mental, and physical understanding of the game, but their emotional and social skills as well. Travis always wants to help our young athletes become better ambassadors for the growing game of hockey. 

Coach Moore has the teaching skills, on and off-ice experience, and work ethic to bolster the success of our program. Another priority for Travis will be working with SJHA coaches to create a tailor-made environment for each of their goalies’ individual development. We know that goalie is the most physically and mentally demanding position in all of sports, and we are poised to train our coaches and our goalies to meet those challenges head on (and square to the puck). 

Please take a moment to welcome Travis Moore at or when you see him at the rink next!

“Creating a culture using my lifelong experience as a tendy and currently playing, I have the unique opportunity to apply what I teach and train the new tendies of the future…see you at the rink!”
~Travis Moore