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SJHA COVID-19 Update

By SJHA Staff, 10/03/20, 12:30PM PDT


As we continue to work closely with Local and State Government and Leagues, we are looking forward to moving forward in greater capacity in a safe and healthy manner.  Seattle Junior Hockey Association is pleased to report that we have had no reports of any Covid-19 related issues as a result of our current programming.  Continued cooperation with the Association, facilities, coaches, and members is showing that we can safely operate while still developing the players in proper fashion. 

Though we are pleased with this report this does not mean that we will relax on our current procedures.  As the State discusses the next step in the return to play process we will continue to operate under any restrictions or guidelines set by our leaders.  As we are currently practicing there is a high likelihood that our own policies and procedures may be stricter than those that the State provides us. 

As we operate in our current phase of regulations and moving forward into new phases, we ask that we all work together in ensuring the safest and most productive environment.  Coaches are asked to continue safe practice planning in terms of the groups they operate with during practice and their drill planning within that practice.  One area that we will ask everyone to help with is outside of the arena.  All participants and member families are asked to do their part in making sure that we are practicing social distancing prior to entering the facility.  Lack of social distancing outside negates the work we are doing inside.  Together we can continue to operate safely in our attempt to allow kids to continue to play the game we all love. 

We also would like to remind families in doing their part in monitoring their child’s health.  Should your player show any symptoms please do not bring them to the rink.  Absence due to health-related issues or possible issues no matter how severe is respected and appreciated.  The days of “its just the sniffles” or “they can play through it” carry no weight in our current state and does not represent toughness or commitment.  There will be no repercussions for a player that puts not only their own health but the health of their teammates as top priority.

As our discussions with the State evolve into new policies and procedures, we will continue to update our working document on our current policies and procedures.  The current document as well as future updates can be found by visiting our SJHA COVID page.

As we move into the Fall and Winter months and the days get shorter, we want to remind parents that it is important to be prepared to pick up or greet your player at the arena exits they are required to exit from.  Coaches will be asked to assure that players will be chaperoned upon exit of the facility and that no child exits the arena during or following an on ice session without one of the coaches there to ensure that they are safely reunited with a parent or guardian. 

With the re-opening of Olympicview Arena we will operate the facility under the same guidelines as Lynnwood Ice Center.  Signage will be posted as to where players are to enter and exit the facility.